Cubicle Quest

Cubicle Quest is an RPG about how much work sucks, and what you can do to escape it. You can play the demo for free! Also, please vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

Purchase the game here!

The direct sale link should accept most payment methods, but if you prefer to use another channel, the game should eventually be available on Amaranth Games and IndieGameStand.

The game is available on Desura:
Cubicle Quest

More information about the game is available on the forum.

You can also use the Donate button to use PayPal, though I advise you use the other options because I haven't worked this system out yet:
Cubicle Quest is an old-school RPG about work, depression, and other real life issues. I began working on it in late 2013 and ran a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 to finish it properly. While I have other game ideas, I can't say whether or not I'll be trying to do anything with them, much less when.


  1. Backed on Kickstarter. Still waiting for the game.

  2. Hi, glad to hear from you. Sorry I haven't updated this page; it gave the wrong impression - you'll get the most current information at the forum:

    Basically, the demo is available to all backers, and all the higher levels can play the beta version of the game (98% complete) right now. Sorry if this information didn't get to you - perhaps there was a problem with my update not being sent? Not many people have responded, so I wondered if it was disinterest or a mistake on my part.

  3. Any chance for steam keys for those of us that bought the game on BMT Micro or anything?